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  • Page 107 - Is it possible to manifest $3450.35 in 4 hours, learn this sweet lil' tactic and see
  • Page 76 - How do you find your calling (or passion)?
  • Page 84 - Everyone has acres of diamonds in their own backyard. This image will help you find them and turn them into cash fast.
  • Page 90 - Disney’s secret for setting the vision for Disney World.
  • Page 24 - How to impress upon your mind success when you wake or before slumber
  • Page 94 - Could this one meditation really protect your wife and kids when they are going about their lives?
  • Page 110 - The six step process to create your own Dream Doodle in 10 minutes or less even if you can’t draw
  • Page 102 - What is a six-figure napkin and how can it benefit you financially
  • Page 92 - The same process used in this book is secretly stolen (stolen may be a bit harsh) by Pixar in their movies. 
  • Page 87 - Why you would want to fill a page full of your own signatures. Find out here.
  • Page 81 - The same visual I used to springboard me out of my “day job” and start my small business empire.
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Suzanne E. Parnell, PhD, RM

"Love your book! I have "parked outside the lines" my whole life. Lots of problems to solve, but they are going down one-by-one (I doodled them away...really!).  Thank you for inspiration. I recommend your book, Dreams DOodle Come True to my patients, telling them it is one technique to add to their tool kit for creating their health with their minds. And it is working for those who will do it.  I have learned that a first step for many is to get them to doodle themselves during a therapy session or class. It helps them overcome procrastination and doubt -- giving them confidence they CAN doodle. And gets their minds right to heal themselves. Thanks for all you do!"
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